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So I was dicking around and Shirtlock is now available for iPhones and iPads!

If for whatever reason you ever wanted Shirtlock on a bag (…or a pillow!) it’s now also available on society6.

When I’m at the pearly gates

This will be on my videotape, my videotape

Mephistopheles is just beneath

And he’s reaching up to grab me

This is one for the good days

And I have it all here in red, blue and green

In red, blue and green

You are my centre when I spin away

Out of control on videotape, on videotape

On videotape, on videotape, on videotape

This is my way of saying goodbye

'Cause I can't do it face to face

I’m talking to you before

No matter what happens next

You shouldn’t be afraid

Because I know today has been

The most perfect day I’ve ever seen

This is an incredibly swirly shirt!


I am so tempted to actually use this

stuck without my tablet

sat scribbling little swirly things into my sketchbook whilst sobbing instead.

world’s greatest consulting potato

get out of here John, you’re not a real king

that’s not even a real crown

It’s a little bit bad that these are the best things in my sketchbook.


pchat doodle!

I’m not sure I’ll survive the next 2 hours.

precious babby

Mr Cumberbatch, are you trying to seduce me?