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Life’s been taking special time to stamp all over my proverbial balls with the stabbiest heels she owns the last couple of months, so I’ve been taking some time out to not cause myself stress and shit (hahahaha like that works). I have a couple of art pieces outstanding; the people they’re for may or may not follow me on tumblr, so if you do and I owe you shit then it’ll get to you soonish. 

I maintain that everything would be much better if I were a magical girl.

+1 squart

by pigbee

This is the only thing I’ve drawn in about a month.

Slightly early valentine. 

Bettie Page-ing it up on gaia.

Sometimes people on gaia have pretty rad characters.

This was kicking around unfinished and I can’t remember who it was supposed to be for. wwwwelp

worgen are weird.

I forgot to sleep and did this instead.

I was gonna do the full set, but honestly I didn’t like any of them as much as Heavy.

Friendlets! I made a reblog blog. It’s over here.

Now you can… watch me do the exact same thing everyone else does on tumblr! Yeeeeah!

2013; or: The Year I Forgot How To Be A People.